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Your priorities include ensuring the safety, freshness, shelf life and visual appeal of foods and beverages. Transcendia offers a broad portfolio of FDA-compliant flexible packaging film solutions, folding carton window films, lidding films and more. Our manufacturing and converting sites are ISO 9001 certified with top ratings from the American Institute of Baking (AIB). Plus, our premier films shine a spotlight on your products in every aisle. Transcend your category with Transcendia and protect your brand’s reputation.

Applicable Products

Shrink sleeve labels wrap around the entirety of a bottle or container and conform to the shape of the container. Transcendia provides high quality shrinkable polyester films for a wide range of applications.

TRANSPET® 7M is a shrink sleeve 7M is a white high-yield, heat-shrinkable PETG film. It provides a good balance of opacity and low specific gravity.

TRANSPET®s SP600A is a shrink sleeve SP39A is a low shrink force heat-shrinkable polyester film with excellent shrinking characteristics that minimize smiling phenomena.

TRANSPET® TP16 is a shrink sleeve TP16 is a heat shrinkable polyester film that shrinks in both MD and TD directions.

TRANSPET® SP690 is a shrink sleeve, heat-shrinkable polyester film with excellent shrinking characteristics.

TRANSPET® SP700A is a shrink sleeve heat-shrinkable, one side anti-static, polyester film. It is designed for applications that require very high shrink percentage.

TRANSPET® SP900 shrink sleeve SP900 is a heat-shrinkable pigmented white polyester film with excellent shrinkage properties.

TRANSPET® O5A is a shrink sleeve heat shrinkable film combining high overall shrinkage and excellent printability.

TRANSPET® 08A is a shrink sleeve 08A is a heat shrinkable film that combines high overall shrinkage with significantly reduced shrink force.

TRANSPET® B1U is a shrink sleeve heat shrinkable film exhibiting reduced machine direction shrinkage and shrinkage force relative to other PETG film types.

TRANSPET® SP39N is a shrink sleeve SP39N is a heat shrinkable polyester that brightens under UV ray.