Trycite application photoTrycite application photo

Whether you use them to separate slices of meet and cheese, or for envelope and box windows, TRYCITE®® polystyrene films offer a variety of advantages. These include sparkling clarity, FDA and EU compliance for direct food contact, permeability to water vapor and gasses, and more. They are available in transparent high gloss, matte translucent and medium gloss black film options.

  • Decorative
  • Folding Carton Windows
  • Graphic Arts
  • Interleaves for Meat & Cheese Slices
  • Packaging

Applicable Products

TRYCITE® polystyrene films are ideal for a variety of laminating, packaging and printing applications. They are also approved for direct food contact.

TRYCITE®™ 1003 film is a clear General Purpose Polystyrene film for miscellaneous applications requiring a stiff, transparent film.

TRYCITE® 1003U is a clear, oriented polystyrene film with a high gloss. It is a versatile substrate when stiffness and durability are required.

TRYCITE® film is a clear, high gloss General Purpose Polystyrene film for hot roll lamination applications, primarily to polystyrene foam or polystyrene sheet.