DIGIKOTE applicationDIGIKOTE application

Trade shows and store aisles are punishing environments for signage and displays. DIGIKOTE™ wide format laminating films provide extra durability, maximum scuff and scratch resistance, enhanced glare reduction and protection from moisture and graphic fade. Plus, they enhance clarity, allowing brilliant colors to shine through. Armor your messaging with DIGIKOTE™.

Applicable Products

DIGIKOTE® Display White Opaque is a rigid, low melt, thermally ac vated, white opaque lamina ng lm that has been speci cally produced for pop-up and display applica ons that require no back-light i

DIGIKOTE® laminating films are specially engineered with UV inhibitors to reduce Graphic fade and protect against moisture. DIGIKOTE® laminating films proprietary

Digi-Kote™ Wide Format films are specially engineered with UV inhibitors LIGHTFast Technology to reduce graphic fade & protect against moisture.

Digi-Kote™ - Texture Hard Coat film is a low melt thermally activated laminate which is top coated with a UV cured hard coat formula designed to offer maximum scuff & scratch resistance.