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Your priorities include ensuring the safety, freshness, shelf life and visual appeal of foods and beverages. Transcendia offers a broad portfolio of FDA-compliant flexible packaging film solutions, folding carton window films, lidding films and more. Our manufacturing and converting sites are ISO 9001 certified with top ratings from the American Institute of Baking (AIB). Plus, our premier films shine a spotlight on your products in every aisle. Transcend your category with Transcendia and protect your brand’s reputation.

Applicable Products

Overwrap is a film that is applied over an item or other form of packaging. Transcendia provides a variety of films that satisfy a diverse set of needs within this application.

MYLAR® OL is a biaxially oriented polyester with an amorphous polyester heat seal layer. It is used as a heat sealable lidding film in packaging refrigerated and frozen foods.

TRANSPET® HSPET2-F is coextruded, one-side amorphous, heat-sealable polyester film designed to be used in overwrap, print and lamination applications.  HSPET2-F is dual ovenable and can be used to

TRANS-PE® Food Grade Film, Bags, Tubing & Container Liners offer innovative ways to transport, store and dispense products.

TRANSPET® HSPETCT-F is a transparent polyester film with CORONA treatment on one side and HEAT SEALABLE (medium strength) on the opposite side.

TRANSPET® HSPET-F is a coextruded, one side amorphous, heat-sealable polyester film designed to be used as an overwrap film.  HSPET-F is dual ovenable and can be used to contain foods during oven c

TRANSPROP®HS1CWM-F is a FDA opaque white cavitated polypropylene film, metallized on one side and sealable on the opposite side.

TRANSPROP®HS1WS-F is a FDA compliant clear heat sealable polypropylene with a very wide heat seal range and a stable slip system.

TRANSPROP® HS2CWP-F is a FDA compliant pearlescent white cavitated polypropylene that is one side treated and two sides sealable.

TRANSPROP®HSCT1HY-F is a FDA compliant co-extruded biaxially oriented polypropylene film with a high yield advantage.

TRANSPROP®RXE-F is a FDA compliant enhanced low heat-seal threshold clear biaxially oriented polypropylene coated on both sides with an aqueous dispersion of PVDC copolymer.