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When what’s on the inside has to be seen from the outside, trust Transcendia envelope window films and folding carton window films for the transparency, protection, reliable supply and performance you demand. Our envelope films are preferred worldwide, and we’re the world’s largest supplier of film for folding carton and envelope applications. Plus, we’re ISO 9001 certified, and our manufacturing and converting sites carry top ratings from the American Institute of Baking. From snacks to action figures, we’ll transcend your expectations.

Applicable Products

Transcendia is the world's largest supplier of film for envelope applications. Transcendia offers a wide range of films in various widths, weights, finishes and functional properties.

TRYCITE®™ 1003 film is a clear General Purpose Polystyrene film for miscellaneous applications requiring a stiff, transparent film.

Translucent cellulose paper that meets USPS requirements.

PROCITE® films help the mail go through. They have a unique property balance to help prevent bending and buckling, and help reduce the risk of enveloperejection at the post office.

PROCITE® DWF Clear is a low dusting, transparent, biaxially oriented polystyrene film designed for window envelope patches.

TRANSPET® CAD1 is an ultra-clear, glossy, one side chemically treated polyester film that provides enhanced adhesion for inks, coatings and adhesives.

TRANSPET® CAD2 is an ultra-clear, glossy two side chemically treated polyester film that provides enhanced adhesion of inks, coatings and adhesives.

TRANSPROP® SMCT2 is a co-extruded, biaxially oriented polypropylene film with one side slip modified.

TRANSPROP® SMFCTC-F is a transparent, high gloss, coextruded OPP film for use in mono-web
cut & stack wrap-around labels for beverages. TRANSPROP® SMFCTC-F has many advantages like: “no label look,” improved web flatness vs. 3-layer films, higher gloss vs. 3-layer films, and enhanced transparency vs. 3-layer films

TRYCITE® 1003U is a clear, oriented polystyrene film with a high gloss. It is a versatile substrate when stiffness and durability are required.

TRYCITE® polystyrene films are ideal for a variety of laminating, packaging and printing applications. They are also approved for direct food contact.