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To understand the power of Transcendia, look in your wallet. We manufacture and extrusion coat high-quality plastic films for drivers’ licenses, coating laminating films, adhesive laminating film and film laminating used by 15 states, 18 countries, Blue Cross Blue Shield and more. Governments, transportation agencies, retailers and others trust our superior security, tamper-resistance, functional properties and expertise they can’t find elsewhere. For transcendent peace of mind, identify Transcendia as your partner.

Applicable Products

TRANS-KOTE® Thermal Laminating Film is incorporated with a low-coercivity or high-coercivity stripe.

Melinex® Core 1 & Core 2 films can be incorporated into card structures in a variety of ways to give the card the required properties and performance required for your application.

Signature Stripe is a printed technology applied to an exposed polyester surface.

TRANS-KOTE® PAM (Permanent Assembly Mounting; is a heat-activated, double-side adhesive film.

TRANS-KOTE® PET is a high clarity, abrasion-resistant polyester film designed for both single–and double-side lamination.

Transilwrap’s Metalized Holographic Polyester Films are specially engineered with a copolymer adhesive.

Transilwrap® Teslin™ Synthetic Paper is an opaque white, micro-porous printing media which acts more like paper than the other plastics.

TRANSILWRAP® TRANSVY® Gloss Rigid Vinyl is a gloss, two-sides, rigid PVC film. It is available in clear, white, transparent, and opaque colors. Transparent and opaque colors are special quote.