Active Packaging

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Bare metal surfaces and some other materials are prone to corrosion during manufacturing, assembly, shipping and storage. Transcendia active and protective packaging systems deliver unrivaled corrosion protection for Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volkswagen parts, and for other manufacturers with steel, tinplated, coated metal and electronic components. Our solutions ensure that your products last longer and meet consumer expectations. We even set new expectations with BioTect® an all-natural VCI anti-corrosion product. If moisture is your enemy, trust Transcendia films to keep you absolutely dry.

Applicable Products

Transcendia also offers you a new green oil-free and water-soluble concentrates range of liquid products that offer you complete protection at all levels of metal treatment – from processing through to cleaning and ultimately to storage.

CorroClean® products are ecologically friendly and water soluble metal cleaners with degreasing properties.

CorroTect® differs significantly from conventional rust inhibitors. It is a water based solution containing no oil, no organic solvents or other harmful substances, and it protects steel, aluminium, cast iron and copper parts against corrosion using an extremely stable protective treatment.

Whether it is drilling, milling or grinding - thanks to the synthetic metal working fluids, CorroWork® SyntheCut and SyntheCool, your metal working parts are protected against corrosion right from the start.