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Whether it’s searing heat, relentless force and pressure, exposure to chemicals, repeated use or other extreme conditions, Transcendia films excel in industrial environments. Our general industrial plastic films, industrial duct films, adhesives, laminating films for industrial applications, coating films for industrial applications and other products are engineered for the highest level of performance and carry numerous technical certifications and functional properties. Do your requirements transcend what you see here? Ask us to create a customized film solution for your process.

Applicable Products

TRANSPET® WOAD2LG-F is a white opaque polyester film with adhesion promoting chemical treatment on both sides, providing enhanced adhesion to coatings, inks and adhesives.

TRANSPET® WT is a UL rated white translucent, biaxially oriented polyester film that has excellent handling and machinability characteristics.

TRANSPET® AS2T is an optically very clear, two side chemically treated polyester film.

TRANSPET® AS2T is an optically very clear, two side chemically treated polyester film. Both sides are treated with a combined anti-static and adhesion promoting pretreatment.

TRANSPET® BLK is an opaque black polyester film with high gloss.

TRANSPET® C2S-F is a two side chemically treated polyester film for solvent based ink adhesion.

TRANSPET® C2SL-F is a FDA compliant clear polyester film that is chemically treated on two sides to enhance adhesion to solvent based inks and coatings.

TRANSPET® CAC2-F is a transparent polyester film. It is chemically treated one side for excellent adhesion to inks and adhesives and corona treated on the opposite side for improved bonds to other substrates.

TRANSPET® CAD1-F is an ultra-clear, glossy, one side chemically treated polyester film that provides enhanced adhesion of inks, coatings and adhesives.

TRANSPET® CAD3 is an ultra-clear polyester film. It is chemically primed on one side to promote adhesion of solvent based inks and coatings, and chemically treated on the other side to reduce static propensity and improve handleability.