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Whether it’s searing heat, relentless force and pressure, exposure to chemicals, repeated use or other extreme conditions, Transcendia films excel in industrial environments. Our general industrial plastic films, industrial duct films, adhesives, laminating films for industrial applications, coating films for industrial applications and other products are engineered for the highest level of performance and carry numerous technical certifications and functional properties. Do your requirements transcend what you see here? Ask us to create a customized film solution for your process.

Applicable Products

As a leading innovator of engineered plastic film substrates and custom coating technologies, Transcendia manufactures adhesive and film solutions designed to add value and beauty, and streamline processes in your surface, fixture, paneling and veneer applications. Whether bonding multiple layers, creating a durable surface or printing digitally on-demand, our consultative approach ensures that we'll meet your requirements.

TRANSPET® SR2-F polyester film is silicone coated on both sides. Along with high strength, flexibility, and chemical resistance, this product provides excellent slip and good dimensional stability over a wide temperature range.