Transilwrap Company Solves Leading Retailer P.O.P. Challenges with Transalloy® P-300 Multi-Polymer

Transilwrap Company, Inc., North America’s premier manufacturer and converter of plastic film, is helping leading retailers save time and reduce costs associated with display signage using the newly re-released Transalloy P-300 multi-polymer alloy—the top engineered alloy film alternative to vinyl and styrene for marketing and advertising print applications.

“Big Box” retailers are constantly dealing with the challenges of yellowing and color fading associated with PVC and HIPS (high impact styrene) print media. Such deterioration can have a dramatic effect on the image quality and advertising message. As a result, advertisers and retailers demand ever higher print quality, UV protection and process flexibility for their signage, display, reward cards and point-of-purchase applications.

Transilwrap’s Transalloy P-300 Multipolymer Alloy delivers a more versatile product than vinyl or styrene and is capable of accepting brilliant graphics through offset litho, UV litho, flexo and digital printing. P-300 has proven to weather and age better than PVC or regular HIPS products. In addition, the specially formulated film carries high tear resistance and excellent impact strength to handle the most demanding applications. P-300 can be die-cut, punched and stapled to meet customer’s unique needs—and is a non-PVC product, recyclable under Code 6.

“Transilwrap partnered with a premier discount retailer in America to address their PVC print yellowing challenges on indoor and temporary outdoor signage,” says Greg Carlin, VP and General Manager of the Graphics Business Segment. “Providing them with Transalloy P-300 film, we eliminated the dramatic color shift they had been experiencing on their POP signage, therefore eliminating their need to replace these displays as often.”

 Transalloy P-300 is an ideal choice for signage, posters and displays; shelf danglers, tags, cards and shelf strips; loyalty, gift and membership cards; calendars, and other point-of-purchase applications. For the full line of Transalloy products, contact a Transilwrap sales representative at 800.321.8544(USA) 800.268.4108(CAN) or email