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You want your products to look like new for as long as possible. Transcendia films enhance, protect and add value to a wide range of consumer goods, including automotive interiors, countertops, flooring, furniture, consumer electronics, collectibles and more. We excel at durability and flexibility—our films are washable, scrubbable, UV-stable, foldable and endlessly customizable. Use our index tabbing film and other offerings to create transcendent products that look good and last longer with Transcendia.



Applicable Products

Lite Brite Metalized Polyester is specially engineered with a co-polymer adhesive.

Transcendia’s Metalized Holographic Polyester Films are specially engineered with a co-polymer adhesive.

TRANS-KOTE® OPP Ultra Smooth laminating film is a high-clarity, matte finished polypropylene base film designed for high speed laminating.

TRANS-KOTE® Soft Feel Matte laminating film is a high-clarity, OPP based film designed for high-speed, single-sided laminating.

TRANS-KOTE® ULTIMATTE Nylon™ is a nylon based lay-flat film, engineered with a superior matte coating. The ULTIMATTE coating provides a luxurious matte finish to any application.

TRANS-KOTE® Velvet Wristband Film is an opaque, dimensionally-stabilized, polyester reinforced polyolefin film.  This film is specially engineered for a soft, comfortable skin contact in wristbands