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You want your products to look like new for as long as possible. Transcendia films enhance, protect and add value to a wide range of consumer goods, including automotive interiors, countertops, flooring, furniture, consumer electronics, collectibles and more. We excel at durability and flexibility—our films are washable, scrubbable, UV-stable, foldable and endlessly customizable. Use our index tabbing film and other offerings to create transcendent products that look good and last longer with Transcendia.



Applicable Products

TRANS-KOTE® Gritty Nylon™ is the latest addition to Transcendia’s family of next-generation thermal laminating films.  This product utilizes a gritty top-coating over a Nylon laminating film, givin

TRANS KOTE® Xtreme Bond™ (EXB) thermal laminating film is a premium grade polyester, or nylon base film with our proprietary digital adhesive system.  EXB is specially formulated for adhesion to fu