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TRANSMD® PCH-301  is a 48 ga PET / 2 mil PE film.

TRANS-KOTE® Velvet Wristband Film is an opaque, dimensionally-stabilized, polyester reinforced polyolefin film.  This film is specially engineered for a soft, comfortable skin contact in wristbands

PCH-202 – 1 mil Biax Nylon / 2 mil PE

Transcendia’s® TRANS-SEALING® PL-200 is a medium barrier PET/PE lamination, peel able lidding film.  It is designed to adhere to multiple substrates.

TRANSPROP®® HS2W-F is non heat sealable coextruded BOPP film, intended for use as a pressure sensitive label facestock

TRANSVY™ Gloss Rigid Vinyl is a gloss, two-sides, rigid PVC film.  It is available in clear, white, transparent, and opaque colors.  Transparent and opaque colors are special quote.  TRANSVY™ Gloss

TRANS-CLING™ II Low Tack Vinyl film with a low-tack pressure sensitive adhesive for use on smooth surfaces.   It is available in white matte and a clear gloss surface.

Trans-Flex-Cast™, a soft polished flexible vinyl adhered to cast coated board, is called an "adhesiveless decal".

Transcendia’s OPTICITE® 540 label film is a white label film for applications that require rigidity and moisture resistance.

TRANS-KOTE® ULTIMATTE Nylon™ is a nylon based lay-flat film, engineered with a superior matte coating. The ULTIMATTE coating provides a luxurious matte finish to any application.