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COROTEX® anti-corrosion paper by MetPro were developed especially for storage and transport of iron and non-iron metals.

CoilWrap® RapWeave is a polyolefin woven fabric used where extra strength and tear resistance is required in the packaging of large Strip Steel Coils.

CoilWrap® AluRap is a high strength polyethylene film incorporating brand enhancing print with interactive coatings to provide manufacturers of aluminium profiles and extrusions with an efficient and cost effective alternative to cardboard, stretch film and adhesive tape.

CLIMA® packaging alters the atmosphere inside the package by the addition of desiccants (dehumidification) or VCI inhibitors
(chemical passivation) so that no corrosion occurs.

MetPro BioTect-ESD with antistatic agents are highly technical transparent VCI corrosion inhibitor films based on the most modern BioVCI® technology.

MetPro BioTect is a new generation of VCI film which combines world leading corrosion protection and the highest level of care for your workers, your products and your customers.

TRANSPROP® SMFCT is a co-extruded, slip modified, biaxially oriented polypropylene film with very good clarity that is corona treated on one side and flame treated on the other.

TRANSPROP® SMCT2 is a co-extruded, biaxially oriented polypropylene film with one side slip modified.

Translucent cellulose paper that meets USPS requirements.

NATUREFLEX™ NVS-F is a FDA compliant transparent heat sealable two side compostable film.