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MXM® Synthetic Paper is a clay (calcium carbonate) modified calendered Polypropylene with the same feel and texture as white offset paper, but with the tear, water and chemical resistance of plastic.

Transalloy® P-300 is a multi-polymer alloy material that is especially formulated for maximum durability, high tear resistance, and superior impact strength for the most demanding applications.

Trans-Kote™ Extreme Bond is a premium grade PET or Nylon base film with a proprietary adhesive formulated for adhesion to fuser oil based inks & other difficult to adhere to digital toners.

Trans-Kote™ Nylon laminating film is a super clear nylon-based film with exceptional anti-curl properties that comes in both matte and gloss finish.

TRANS KOTE® OPP laminating film is a high-clarity, OPP based film designed for hig-speed, single side laminating at an economical price, specially formulated with a copolymer thermal adhesive for a low melt point.

Trans-Kote™ OPP Ultra matte laminating film is a high-clarity matte finished polypropylene base film, with a tactile feed, designed for high speed laminating.

TRANS KOTE® PET laminating film is a high-clarity, abrasion-resistant PET based film designed for high speed single and double sided laminating that demands excellent clarity & protection.

PROCITE® DWF Clear is a low dusting, transparent, biaxially oriented polystyrene film designed for window envelope patches.

Xtreme PPT is a synthetic print media specifically engineered for applications that require the excellent durability and tear resistance of a synthetic, but prints like paper.

Xtreme PS™ features a uniform velvet-finish engineered to provide consistent aesthetics from side to side.