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PROCITE® films help the mail go through. They have a unique property balance to help prevent bending and buckling, and help reduce the risk of enveloperejection at the post office.

TRANSPROP® SMFCTC-F is a transparent, high gloss, coextruded OPP film for use in mono-web
cut & stack wrap-around labels for beverages. TRANSPROP® SMFCTC-F has many advantages like: “no label look,” improved web flatness vs. 3-layer films, higher gloss vs. 3-layer films, and enhanced transparency vs. 3-layer films

TRYCITE®™ 1003 film is a clear General Purpose Polystyrene film for miscellaneous applications requiring a stiff, transparent film.

TRYCITE® 1003U is a clear, oriented polystyrene film with a high gloss. It is a versatile substrate when stiffness and durability are required.

EconoVue 60/40 exterior-mount film is an economy-grade, 6-mil black/white composite PVC with approx. 1.6-mm holes and a clear removable acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive.

ClassicVue® exterior-mount film is an 8-mil white/black composite PVC with clear removable acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive and a release liner consisting of clear PET film laminated to perforated paper to absorb ink.

CLEAR FOCUS® 24Vue® exterior/interior two-way vision film is a 5.5-mil semi-clear PVC film with approx. 1.4-mm holes and a clear removable pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Xtreme PS™ features a uniform velvet-finish engineered to provide consistent aesthetics from side to side.

Xtreme PPT is a synthetic print media specifically engineered for applications that require the excellent durability and tear resistance of a synthetic, but prints like paper.

TRANSPET® WTAD2 is a UL rated high yield, white translucent polyester that is pretreated
on both sides to promote adhesion to most industrial coatings.