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TRANS-KOTE® Gritty Nylon™ is the latest addition to Transcendia’s family of next-generation thermal laminating films.  This product utilizes a gritty top-coating over a Nylon laminating film, givin

TRANS-KOTE® OPP Ultra Smooth laminating film is a high-clarity, matte finished polypropylene base film designed for high speed laminating.

TRANSPROP® ™ CPPHS2-F is a FDA compliant high slip cast polypropylene film produced from homo-polymer PP resins.

Xtreme Tuff is a durable, opaque, white matte/matte polyester film that is ideal for two-sided printing and HD images

PROCITE® films help the mail go through. They have a unique property balance to help prevent bending and buckling, and help reduce the risk of enveloperejection at the post office.

PROCITE® DWF Clear is a low dusting, transparent, biaxially oriented polystyrene film designed for window envelope patches.

Trans-Kote™ Scuff Resistant Matte films are specially formulated for much higher resistance to scuffing & scratching than conventional mattes & features a soft, velvety feel.

Trans-Kote™ PET laminating film is a high-clarity, abrasion-resistant PET based film designed for double sided laminating that demands excellent clarity & protection.

Trans-Kote™ OPP Ultra matte laminating film is a high-clarity matte finished polypropylene base film, with a tactile feed, designed for high speed laminating.

TRANS KOTE® OPP laminating film is a high-clarity, OPP based film designed for hig-speed, single side laminating at an economical price, specially formulated with a copolymer thermal adhesive for a low melt point.