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Whether it’s searing heat, relentless force and pressure, exposure to chemicals, repeated use or other extreme conditions, Transcendia films excel in industrial environments. Our general industrial plastic films, industrial duct films, adhesives, laminating films for industrial applications, coating films for industrial applications and other products are engineered for the highest level of performance and carry numerous technical certifications and functional properties. Do your requirements transcend what you see here? Ask us to create a customized film solution for your process.

Applicable Products

TRANSPET® C2S is a super clear biaxially oriented polyester film with differential surface roughness on each side. Its unique composition, consisting of a smooth side opposite a rougher, filled side allows for a high clarity product with superior handling characteristics.

TRANSPET® CAD1 is an ultra-clear, glossy, one side chemically treated polyester film that provides enhanced adhesion for inks, coatings and adhesives.

TRANSPET® CAD2 is an ultra-clear, glossy two side chemically treated polyester film that provides enhanced adhesion of inks, coatings and adhesives.

TRANSPET® CLUV-F is a FDA compliant polyester film that provides UV protection. It combines high strength and flexibility, good dimensional stability and excellent chemical resistance.

TRANSPET® CS1UV-F is a FDA compliant clear polyester film that is slip modified on one side for improved handle-ability and adhesion to typical solar control film scratch- resistant coatings.

TRANSPET® CS2 is an optically clear, two side slip treated film, with high clarity, high gloss, good dimensional stability and excellent handling characteristics.

TRANSPET® CT1L-F is a FDA compliant low haze, polyester film that has been corona treated on one side to provide superior wetting and adhesion of inks, primers, and adhesives.

TRANSPET® CT1MAD –F is a FDA compliant metallized polyester film that is suitable for flexible packaging applications.

TRANSPET® WO-F is a FDA compliant opaque white non-pretreated polyester film with superb handling properties and a unique glossy appearance. This film offers good tensile strength and toughness.

TRANSPET® WOAD1LG-F is a white opaque polyester film with adhesion promoting chemical treatment on one side. This provides enhanced adhesion to coatings, inks and adhesives.