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You need the utmost confidence that the plastic films you use will perform to the highest standards. Transcendia manufactures and converts medical grade healthcare films and packaging films for the healthcare industry with proprietary chemistry and coating composition, in the configuration you require. Our films ensure sterility and safety, all while withstanding temperature extremes, humidity, exposure to contaminants, microbes, and more. Transcend your medical packaging and equipment challenges with Transcendia.

Applicable Products

Transcendia provides materials suitable for device mounting cards for medical devices. Capable of incorporating the folds and punched areas for confining long tubing and wire assemblies, our cast sheet offerings are nontoxic, cut cleanly, and are compatible with multiple sterilization methods.

TransMD® PET/PE is a sterilizable packaging film for medical pouch and rollstock applications.

TransMD® BON/PE is an enhanced strength packaging film for sterilizable medical packaging