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DIGIKOTE® laminating films are specially engineered with UV inhibitors to reduce Graphic fade and protect against moisture. DIGIKOTE® laminating films proprietary

Trans-Kote® PET/MR laminating film, thin gauge, is a high-clarity, abrasion-resistant, polyester-base film designed for high speed single and double side laminating.

Marshall brand SuperStop is a new generation of resin/chemical technology.

Marshall brand medical grade products are engineered to the highest quality, exact specifications and performance demands of the healthcare industry.

Marshall brand products offer innovative ways to transport, store and discharge liquid products.

Marshall brand high temperature protective bags and masking sheets of 1.8 mil polypropylene are available in custom or standard sizes.

Marshall Plastic Film Re-Design Program enables you to select exactly the correct materials, in the exact form to best fulfill your requirements, typically at a significate cost savings.

Marshall brand autoclave cart liners can withstand the heat, making the transition from an autoclave to a shredder economical and virtually seamless.

MetPro™ VCI-UV Shrink Film is a polyethylene based shrink film impregnated with MetPro’s™ proprietary, all natural VCI and UV Stabilizer, which is a vapor and contact corrosion inhibitor formulatio

MetPro™ BioTect™ VCI Anti-Corrosion Film is a polyethylene bags, rolls, tubing and sheeting impregnated with MetPro’s™ proprietary, all natural BioTect MB material, which is a vapor and contact cor